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Rise Up Arts Alliance

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Lancaster's Leading Performing Arts Group


May 3-4-5             Cast A

May 10-11-12       Cast B


Lancaster Masonic Temple

224 S. High St.

Lancaster, Ohio 43130

This dynamic musical adaptation of Rick Riordan's bestselling book opened on Broadway in 2019. When teenager Percy Jackson discovers he's a demigod, he and his friends embark on an epic journey to find Zeus' missing lightning bolt and prevent a war among the gods.The show will have two casts (Cast A & Cast B) featuring some 54 local students!


Lancaster Masonic Temple

Banquet Room

224 South High Street

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Rise Up Arts Alliance presents, “Once Upon a Murder in Fairyfieldland," a Mystery Dinner Theatre written by G. Howard Scott.

While Director Merwin S. Carecrow welcomes everyone and shows off the new facility features - and admonishes his staff for being late, The Banshee enters shrieking the terrible news that the Fairy Godmother has been murdered and her magic wand missing!

It becomes apparent that whoever killed the fairy Godmother must have taken the wand but who could be the killer? Could it be Prince Al or Princess Pegitha currently in couples counseling along with Prince Charming and Sinderella?

Could it be Merwin’s court appointed community service staff members Maleficent, who is tired of having to look after a drunken Narcoleptic Beauty or The Big Bad Wolf whom Merwin treats like a dog?

Perhaps it is Merwin himself wanting to consolidate his power?
Listen for clues as our story unfolds and even be a part of the fun as a guest star interacting with the cast in a scripted cameo!

Make your destination a grand Dinner Theatre event at the Lancaster Masonic Lodge May 18th for a tale you will remember happily ever after!

Entree: Chicken, Pot Roast, Smoked Pulled Pork or Pasta(VG)
Sides: Vegetables, Salad, Rolls
Desserts: Desserts will be auctioned off to benefit our Scholarship Fund! Desserts will be donated by local businesses and each table will pool their money and bid on the dessert of their choice! May the highest bidder, check and CC accepted.
Drinks: Coffee, Water, Soda, Punch and Beer/Wine. One glass of beer and wine is included in the meal ticket, additional alcohol is cash bar.

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