Non Profit and Business Members have access to our lending database, professional contacts, planning calendar and possible insurance benefits.

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Air Table Costumer, Prop and Set Database

Our Air Table Database lists costumes, props, set pieces and electronic equipment members may schedule to borrow as a benefit of being a member.

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Planning Calendar

The ability to help each other succeed comes from the sharing of information, and that includes auditions, shows and events.


Professional Contacts

We will assemble and provide lists of musicians, choreographers and other professionals you may be searching for to complete your team for an event.

What Is a Consortium

A consortium is a group made up of two or more organizations that work together to achieve a common objective. Entities that participate in a consortium pool resources but are otherwise only responsible for the obligations that are set out in the consortium's agreement. Every entity that is under the consortium, therefore, remains independent with regard to their normal business operations and has no say over another member's operations that are not related to the consortium.


Consortiums are often found in the non-profit sector, for example, among educational institutions. When well designed and executed, strategic collaborations can help expand the customer base, develop new sources of funding, and cut costs without compromising any individual organization’s mission or quality. They can also help arts organizations achieve goals that they cannot achieve on their own, such as funding the construction of a new performance space. Arts organizations rarely turn to one another to find ways to achieve their mutual goals, yet many collaborative opportunities exist for building audiences and cutting costs. 

Seventy percent of arts patrons attended the performances of more than one organization in the previous year, and 47% attended performances of three or more organizations. Levels of satisfaction actually increased among patrons who attended a greater variety of events. 

Rise Up Arts Alliance

Rise Up Arts brings together nonprofit arts organizations to share resources so we are fiscally responsible and provide the best possible benefit to our patrons.  RUAA is a collaborative of cultural groups working to advance the economic vitality of the nonprofit arts and culture community and promote the value of cultural resources to the local community.


Rise Up Arts will:

  • Effectively promote arts and entertainment programming, facilities, and offerings of the arts organization members. 

  • Coordinate the lending database and calendar of entertainment offerings to avoid redundancy and conflicts. We will maximize sharing of resources to create seamless scheduling of events/venues and coordination of services. 

  • We will strive to attract visitors to the Fairfield County community.

  • Effectively utilize marketing strategies for arts entertainment experiences through implementation of high-quality programming and promotions.

  • Shared sponsorship opportunities and planning to maximize sponsorship recognition.

  • Provide talent, research, and contract execution services.