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The word C-PACK stands for Comfort-Performance-All Seating-package. The basis for the creation of the package is on the concept "S-PACK" for the first generation articulated buses of. This offers the best interior quality of the articulated buses, while at the same time offering the maximum of space for passengers. The seats in the C-PACK package have an adjustable backrest, the backrest can be folded down, and it can be inclinable. The seats are padded and can be heated. Because of the inclination of the seats, the passengers sit not as high in the buses as in other comparable interior concepts. The seats are covered with a fabric-coated spring padding. The cover consists of two layers: the outer layer of the fabric which is designed with a classic design, and the inner layer which has a leather-like texture. The C-PACK package is available for all CCR and RRR articulated buses, and the prices differ between the different CCR and RRR versions. The seats in the C-PACK package are no longer available for sale after CCR 500 c, and for the RRR 400 c (new design) the seats are not available anymore in stock. With the C-PACK package, particularly for the new passenger compartments, the concept "C-PACK" can be expanded. This is also the case for the buses in Hamburg, where, for example, the seats in the C-PACK package are also available in the new design of the RRR. Since January 2013, all articulated buses in Hamburg are equipped with the C-PACK package. Other options In addition to the C-PACK package, the articulated buses in Hamburg are also available with other options. INNO 60 R (former I 60 R, since December 2012: I 60 R INNO) MCD 60 R (new model, since April 2013: MCD 60 R) MCD 60 R PLURAL (new model, since April 2013: MCD 60 R PLURAL) MCD 60 R SPORT (since January 2015: MCD 60 R SPORT) NIKON 60 R (since April 2013: NIKON 60 R) NIKON 60




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3 Generation Omsi 2 Crack glenreil

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