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Friday 15 November 7pm
Saturday 16 November 2pm & 7pm
Sunday 17 November 4pm

Lancaster Masonic Temple
224 S. High St.

Playwright Kandace Cleland has channeled her passion for the original Star Trek television series by Gene Rodenberry to create a joyful, holiday space adventure for the entire family. “Growing up as a Star Trek kid, my mind reeled with the possibilities of a galactic future. Every week I boldly joined the Enterprise crew as they ‘sought out new life and new civilizations where no one had gone before.’ This holiday, I’m continuing that journey and taking my community theatre friends with me. We are having a blast!”

The story… StarFleet has assigned Captain Kirk and crew to holiday surveillance duty of the class M mining planet, Borz 5 in remote Sector 11- Santa’s sole supply of coalamite in the galaxy. All is calm, all is bright as the StarShip Enterprise maintains standard orbit until the Klingons show up with a scheme to get their names off the naughty list and destroy the coalamite supply.

Will the Klingons stop Santa’s magical ride? Can Kirk, Spock, McCoy and crew save Christmas? Come to the Lancaster Masonic Temple, 224 S. High St in downtown Lancaster, Ohio and be part of the journey where no community theatre has gone before.

Star Trek and all related marks, logos and characters are solely owned by CBS Studios Inc. This fan parody production is not endorsed by, sponsored by, nor affiliated with CBS, Paramount Pictures, or any other Star Trek franchise, and is a non-commercial fan-made holiday show intended for recreational use. No alleged independent rights will be asserted against CBS or Paramount Pictures. Rise Up Arts Alliance is a 501c3 nonprofit, and all tickets are considered a donation.

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