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Our Programs

We believe the arts are essential to creating healthy, vibrant and safe communities. Think of the arts as a “common language”, a way to communicate and connect with others even if we have different social, cultural or economic backgrounds. Youth theatre helps students become better readers, learners and contributors to society.

Rise Up Youth Theatre
Rise Up Community Theate

Our youth theatre and Mixed Cast community theatre bring the arts to the community through a number of different workshops, classes and productions. The beauty of mixed cast productions is to help mentor younger actors through positive and enriching activities with season adult actors.

Central Ohio Costumers Guild

We welcome everyone with an interest in the art of costuming: inviting fashion designers, historic reenactors, professional, educational and community theatrical costumers, cosplayers, renaissance festival participants, and a all those who are interested in the making, wearing and display of costumes.

We are looking to secure a location that will allow us classes and rental of professional sewing equipment a 3D printing capabilities for the furthering of the art of costuming. Stay tuned!


The Writers Circle 

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The Writers Circle strives to stimulate the writer in all of us. Whether it is a short story, poem, or your own version of a TED Talk, The Writers Circle wants to hone your craft to make your dreams a reality.
During our meetings we like to share our work, talk about our experiences with writing, and workshops in order to practice our craft. Like any skill, writing is something that needs to be constantly maintained in order to keep its quality-- and we want to encourage keeping that skill honed.

COMING SOON: Writers Circle JR.For students interested in honing their writing skills.

Snapshots Photography

Joining a photography club can be a great way to find motivation, inspiration, and learn more about your craft. Photography is much more than just having a camera and taking pictures. Members have opportunities to hone their skills by understanding and learning about what makes a good photograph, from composition to artistic expression.  Teens and Adults Welcome.

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